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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September - Park to Port Ride

It's amazing to me how much more comfortable I am on a bike these days. You may remember how terrifying exciting my first official ride was.  I was all kinds of nervous beforehand, and was convinced that I would crash and/or humiliate myself.  Fast forward 6 months, and I love cycling!  I still stick to pretty casual rides, but I'm daydreaming about the MS150 in the future. :)

After the triathlon in August, I definitely wanted an easy event for September.  Especially since I am in the throes of busy season, with little time to participate and less time train.  The Park to Port ride was perfect - rolling start between 7a and 9a (sleeping in compared to those crack-of-dawn rides that start before the sun), 20 miles total, halfway party at the turnaround point, and a finisher party at the end with free snacks and drinks.

 photo 32d455c5-3ca6-4e2b-9c86-daf650869f35_zps5d8941c7.jpg

The ride celebrated the 100th birthday of Hermann Park and the Houston ship channel.  I loved that this ride took me through parts of town that I never visit.  The east side of Houston (port side) is mostly industrial, so I don't usually find myself exploring that area.  It was a great opportunity and an interesting ride.

The weather was less-than-beautiful, but I'm always thankful for a chance to play outside.  Plus, I noticed how much more confident I was riding, since puddles and rain didn't send me into a blind panic.  Hurrah for small victories.

 photo 4a227b75-3053-4675-85ac-82e50b73ccb7_zpsa1da3f85.jpg

The mister and I had a great time exploring and laughed a lot.  We took it easy at the finisher party, eating breakfast tacos and drinking St Arnold's.  Sean also walked away with a whole box of KIND bars, since we were there when the tents started packing up.

Rain or shine, go out there and get active!  I know having this new year's resolution has forced me to stop making excuses and get moving!

Happy health, everyone.

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