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Saturday, October 12, 2013

absence makes the heart grow fonder

My sweet husband is out of town this weekend.  He is on an Emmaus walk, which is basically a weekend of church camp for grown ups.  It is a weekend that changes lives and brings new perspectives.  Or so I'm told.  The whole thing is super top secret, you know.

I am so proud and excited for him this weekend; I know he will have a great time and be refreshed.  All the day-to-day hassles are taken off his plate, and he is unplugged from all the information and social media that bombard us every day.  He will spend quality time with God and with the other men on the trip.  He will learn and grow.  I know he will have lots to say when he gets home, and I am so excited to hear about his weekend!  (Except for the super-top-secret stuff, of course.)

You know what I was not expecting, though?  How much I would miss him.

The retreat is only three days, and, frankly, I was looking forward to some me-time - watching girly movies, dancing around in my socks to Broadway hits and Katy Perry, sleeping diagonally on the bed...

Full disclosure: I did all those things and it was fabulous.

I am thankful for the chance to spend some quiet time alone.  It is a good exercise to be totally independent for a while and take care of all the chores and errands on my own.  I found my own strength again and was able to recenter.  It is healthy to remember that we are two whole people, travelling in the same direction, rather than two halves that make a whole.

 photo running

But I miss my best friend.  He is my favorite person, and I miss talking to him.  I miss our inside jokes, I miss his smile, I miss the way he encourages me, I miss holding his hand - I miss the rhythm of our life together.

This weekend was a unique and healthy opportunity for both of us, but I am so excited for Sean to get home!

T - 20.75 hours...