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Thursday, January 16, 2014

new year's resolution

Because you've gotta have one, right?

 Let's be honest - there are very resolutions that I have kept in the past. I always start out with the best intentions, but usually break whatever self-improvement goal I've made before the end of January. Learn to sew? Dust is gathering on that machine. Read a new book every week? Well, maybe if the first one hadn't taken two months. Give up Dr. Pepper? Ha! Jokes on me.

 So this year, I had a brilliant idea. Why don't I make a resolution that I could actually keep? My attempts in previous years had either been too vague or left no wiggle room for slip-ups. If I just want to "learn" or "get better at" something, there was no starting point and no measurement. If I try to do something every day that I've never done before, what are my chances of succeeding?

 So instead of choosing some arbitrary goal, I picked a resolution that I have been working towards already. I am trying to be more diligent about sticking to an exercise schedule. And what I've learned is that if I don't have an event on the horizon, I don't have the motivation. So here's my resolution:

This year, I will complete one active event per month.

These events can include 5ks, 10ks, bike races, triathalons, and whatever other fun things come along. Theoretically, with one event a month, I will always be in training and always motivated! BUT since the resolution is a once-a-month activity, I have wiggle room. And if I don't stick completely to my training schedule, I haven't automatically failed a "work out every day" kind of resolution.

2014 is the year that I will keep my resolution. I've got January, February, March, and April events in my calendar. And the best part? I am excited about this resolution, inspired to succeed and looking forward to what the year will bring.

 Come along for the ride!

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