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Sunday, July 20, 2014

July: Katy Flatland

July - check!

I am loving this new year's resolution.  First of all, it has kept fitness and staying active at the front of my mind.  Life is busy (can I get an amen?), and I know that if I weren't planning and registering for these events, I would fill that time with other things.  Maybe wonderful things, maybe not.  Probably not outdoor, active things, though.

Also, I think I've fallen in love with riding a bicycle.  I never really thought much about bicycles - I had one growing up and we'd ride around the neighborhood, but that was about it.  Now I'm cranking out these 20-30 mile rides, and it opens so many doors.  Oh the places I can get to in 20-30 miles!  I feel an adventure brewing...

Anyway, onto July's event debrief!  Sean and I rode the Katy Flatland - just under 28 miles in the Katy area.  We kept it casual and just rode for fun.  Perhaps my favorite part was that this ride had a rolling start.  Do you know what that means?  I woke up when there was a 7 on the clock, not a 5 or a 6.  Which is sleeping in for an event morning.  A rolling start also means that we did not have to take off in the pack, so it was super easy and chill.

So chill, that I didn't even take any pictures.  Womp womp.

Easy ride, pretty area, and the host was a local high school, so the facilities were top notch.  No port-a-potties for this ride!  They had a wonderful half way rest stop, with the full spread of snacks and plenty of water.  The Katy Flatland was well put together and stress free for me.  I'm putting this one in my calendar for next year, I do believe.

Keep riding!