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Friday, October 31, 2014

pumpkin patch

Even with all the fall love bouncing around the internet, I was having a hard time feeling like fall was here for me. Tax busy season had me mostly confined to my cubicle when people started drinking pumpkin spice lattes, decorating pumpkins, and wearing their flannel, boots, and scarves. The 85+ degree weather that has been holding here in Houston hasn't helped, either. (Just change, weather!)

Well I'm happy to report that FALL IS HERE! (No, the weather has not changed. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.) But I have finally started to check some big items off my fall bucket list. The Mister and I escaped to the woods Friday and Saturday, for some much needed R&R. On Sunday, we went to the pumpkin patch! We picked out some beauties for decorating and took our yearly family photos. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_3068_zps3e3d2bbb.jpg  photo IMG_3059_zps90b9c60a.jpg  photo IMG_3054_zps894b755e.jpg  photo IMG_3013_zpsae7432b2.jpg  photo 42ae9526-e3a8-46f1-8409-396694f08dff_zpsfd6558c4.jpg  photo e2804d4b-63df-4eae-9d90-520b464be165_zpsda480278.jpg  photo IMG_305001_zps2fefdf3b.jpg  photo IMG_3027_zps631e01fd.jpg  photo IMG_3025_zps279df25d.jpg  photo IMG_3071_zps53ee7113.jpg  photo IMG_3056_zps14b09eee.jpg  photo e29bd20e-8d1f-4602-857d-07bd988c1eb7_zps2af1a5de.jpg

Sean and I have been taking photos together in this pumpkin patch since 2007, minus a few years we were away at college. Continuing our tradition this year really made me feel like we were celebrating fall, rather than just letting the season change around us. I want to engage in the current moment. Finally, I feel like fall has arrived!

Or perhaps I have finally arrived in fall.
Carpe diem and seize the season!

What is your favorite fall tradition?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

campfire comfort

There is poetry on the lake and a song in the trees.
How simple, how pure does nature appear -
All the while teeming
With life, with heart, with stories unheard.

The Mister and I spent a night in the woods this past weekend. We loaded up the cooler and our pupsqueak and unplugged from our hustle and bustle life.

We played in the woods, feasted over a campfire, and dreamed under the stars.

 photo IMG_3105_zps1638ab09.jpg  photo IMG_2945_zps9b21fe42.jpg  photo cac50d77-5098-4756-8096-5fa4c6540165_zps8fa3374c.jpg  photo IMG_2962_zps971a4bcc.jpg  photo IMG_2936_zpsef46b658.jpg  photo IMG_2973_zpsb7aad344.jpg  photo IMG_2969_zps2aaa0ed7.jpg  photo IMG_2977_zps8de1df7a.jpg  photo IMG_2952_zps74e9736b.jpg

Just what we needed.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 photo 7bd34894-9764-438b-b428-6a5461ffa8e5_zps0cda2f7d.jpg  photo 794db712-544a-407f-90b2-021504a8d721_zpsc96c2ebc.jpg
 photo 1d689dcf-79f3-48b4-bc50-15657dd9447e_zpsa23c2178.jpg  photo e1eb2071-ae6b-4b03-8fbd-2953b951b613_zpsff4d1d37.jpg

<< The weather here in Texas was b-e-a-utiful all weekend, and we did not let it go to waste. Friday night we went camping in the East Piney Woods at Martin Dies Jr State Park. I took it up a notch past hot dogs, and we had baked chicken with roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes for dinner, pancakes for breakfast, and toasted sandwiches for lunch. I got a teensy bit excited about having a cast iron skillet, if you couldn't tell. :)

<< Saturday night we rode the Moonlight Bicycle Ramble - a midnight ride all over Houston! Coolest experience I've had on a bicyle by far.

<< Sunday we visited our pumpkin patch for family photos and to pick our pumpkins. We came home with some lovelies, and I can't wait to decorate them!

Monday, October 27, 2014

October: Moonlight Bicycle Ramble

Oh my goodness.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  Saturday night the Mister and I rode all over this beautiful city in the middle of the night.  That's right, ladies and gentlemen - Westheimer, the Galleria, Allen Parkway, downtown Houston - all on bicycles!  Seriously, we rode down roads that I avoid in my vehicle.  The one with an engine.

We started rolling at the convention center at 12am Sunday morning. So many of the bicycles were decked out in rope lights and reflectors.  (I'll definitely be decorating my bicycle next year!) The whole group was so festive and ready to go.  The clock struck, and we were off!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

weekend update

Busy season is over, praise the Lord!  Deadline day was Wednesday and I took PTO Friday and Monday to decompress and put my other-than-work life back in order.  So grateful to be back in a normal schedule.  This weekend was packed full of NOT WORK, and that is an excellent feeling.

Friday, October 3, 2014

fall bucket list

Hello all!  Hello fall!  The weather here in Houston is teasing us.  We've had a couple of days where it's dropped into the 60s (grab your coats!), but it's mostly holding in the high 80s with summer humidity still strong and thick.

Basically that just means we order our pumpkin spice lattes on ice.