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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

weekend recap

What a wonderful weekend!  My social calendar was already clear for this weekend, since I'm basically on call for the first big fall tax deadline next Monday.  Miracle of all miracles - I did not have to work this weekend!  Believe you me, I soaked up every blissfully restful moment of my unexpected free time.

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 photo 828497cd-cda3-44d8-869b-b31b3bdacefd_zpse8744d48.jpg  photo fd1dbc51-a3f0-404b-9469-f25bc8012380_zpsf4996d7b.jpg

1. The Houston Museum of Natural Science had a Frozen sing-along on their IMAX screen!  Sadly, I did not purchase tickets in advance, and they were sold out when the mister and I arrived.  After assuaging our disappointment by watching all the happy faces of the girls in their princess dresses and boys in their Olaf t-shirts, we rallied our feelings and hunted down a DVD copy.  The songs did not go unsung in our apartment, let me tell you.

2.  Since we were all prettied up for our little date, we changed course and grabbed dinner at our favorite hot dog joint, Good Dog Hot Dogs.  They use all local ingredients and everything on the menu is unbelievably delicious and creative.  Good Dog is a food truck gone brick and mortar, and I love that we've been able to follow along with them.  If you're in Houston, go check them out.

3.  Saturday, we had a lazy morning, since I was on call for work.  We slept in, ate oatmeal in bed, and enjoyed the slow pace and each other's company.  We did leave the house long enough to go to Half Price Books to sell some books - only so we could buy some more.

I really had the chance this weekend to slow down and spend some quality time with my man.  The rest was much needed, and I feel truly refreshed to take on deadline week!

I hope you got a chance to rest and recharge as well!

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