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Friday, May 30, 2014

here comes the sun


I do realize that as a working girl, summertime does not equal a three month break from reality anymore.  But that doesn't stop the feeling of freedom I get when the pools open, schools let out, boats head to the lake, and we break out the beach towels, sunscreen, swimsuits, and suitcases.

And let me tell you what, this summer is going to be chock-full of sunshine trips all over the world!

Here's the list.  Are you ready?

June 6-8 - Port Aransas, TX

Sean and I are heading down the coast for a little beach trip with his family.  I'm looking forward to relaxing and spending quality time with his clan.  Life just gets so busy here, so it will be great to kick back and enjoy each other's company.  And a trip to the beach is always a win in my book.

June 15-28 - Israel

You read that right - We're going to Israel!  Sean and I headed off on a two-week study tour with a group from our church.  The trip is through Jerusalem University College and is led by Jack Beck, a brilliant professor there.  It's a mini study abroad trip, complete with a textbook to read and homework to complete before we go.  It's heavy on history and geography and making the Bible come alive in it's setting.  It's completely nerdy, and I'm completely excited.  I know God will move in incredible ways on this trip because it's already such an amazing blessing that Sean and I have the opportunity to go at this stage in our lives. Prepare for massive photo dumps.

July 24 - 28 - Eureka Springs, AR

Family reunion with my side!  We're renting some cabins near the river and it's going to be a blast!  Floating the river, a winery or two, lots of board games (per the usual), and of course, all the love and laughter that is guaranteed with all 19 of us going!  I love how that number gets higher every trip as we add significant others and brand new family members.  There's a joyful chaos in these huge family gatherings that I wouldn't trade for the world.

And of course, we'll make a few Galveston day trips throughout the summer.  Say what you want about Galveston, but it's only an hour away and has a warm place in my heart from so many summer trips.  And hey, it's still the beach!

Bon voyage!  Go grab some sunshine!

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