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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

Y'all. Have you heard about Stitch Fix? Because it's awesome.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service - you fill out a style profile and they send you goodies (clothes, jewelry, I believe there are even bags now!) to try on in your own home.  There is a $20 styling fee that is applied to your order if you decide to keep something.  Even better, you get 25% off if you keep everything!  Keep what you like; send back what you don't in the prepaid envelope.  Too easy.

I am not a huge fan of shopping for clothes because I feel like I'll take a million items into the dressing room and only end up with one or two things that I can tolerate.  It is not often that I try something on that I really love.  I'm only 5' tall and short-waisted, so maybe you can imagine the challenge!  But after reading all the rave customer reviews about Stitch Fix, I had to give it a try.  My wardrobe is getting desperate.  Did I mention that I don't like shopping?

Once I finally scheduled my fix, I spent the days leading up to its arrival reading every single way too many reviews.  "Everything fits!" "My style to a T!" "How do they do it?" I couldn't wait for my turn, and I'm excited to share my review!

1 - Porter Basic Legging - $38

Hello, leggings!  I didn't own any black leggings (told you, the situation is desperate), and these are a wardrobe must.  There are so many things in my closet that can be refreshed by wearing them a little differently, and these leggings may be the secret.  Not to mention that they are so comfortable and flattering.  Keep.

2 - Lysander Geo Print Spaghetti Strap Top - $68

I love the pattern and the colors of this top!  Sadly, it just wasn't very flattering in person.  (Though after these pictures I had second thoughts.)  I felt like it made my shoulders look narrower, my hips look wider, and that it puckered strangely in the front.  Probably should steer away from the spaghetti straps going forward.  It also felt like it was slipping down in front and would be a bit high maintenance.  Final decision - I just didn't love it $68 worth.  Return.

3 - Azaria Braid Detailed Tank - $54

I adore this tank.  It is so soft and I love the braid detailing.  The top portion fits so well - not gapping in the armholes and so comfortable.  It's way too long for me though.  This top was my biggest debate.  I wanted to keep it so badly; I even thought about getting it hemmed.  However, I just couldn't justify the price tag if I was going to have to pay extra to make it right.  If only it were shorter!  It could've been love.  Regretfully, return.

4 - Kirin Abstract Print Soft Short - $58

When I pulled these out of the box, I wasn't so sure.  Sean was even less so.  BUT this is why you are encouraged to try everything on with pieces from your own closet.  Once I got everything together, I was smitten.  These shorts almost look like a skirt.  They are light and flowy and easy to wear.  I had pinned a few outfits with shorts on my Pinterest board, so I love that Natalie took that into consideration.  I don't own anything like these shorts, so I'm excited that these are a keep!

5 - Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan - $58

Pretty color, asymmetrical zipper, personality - right up my alley.  I knew I would wear this jacket all the time.  Unluckily, it did not fit.  Too long, so the bottom stretched across my hips and went way long on the back, and too gappy in the front where it shouldn't have been.  The neck did not drape across, but instead became part of the gappy-ness (yeah I'm making these words up, but you know what I mean) and just laid there all wrong.  Womp womp.  Return.

I'm not pregnant.   This is why the cardigan is going back.

While not everything fit, I loved everything in my box!  I love that Stitch Fix personalizes your fix and I think Natalie gave me a great box with variety and color. And even 2 out of 5 is way better than my typical dressing room experience.  I can't to see what will come in my next box.  Thanks Natalie!

If you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, I would love if you would use my referral link!  When you're friends sign up too, you'll get $25 credit each time.  Spread the love and have fun!

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