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Sunday, November 30, 2014

November: Turkey Trot

Nothing like a Turkey Trot to get you ready for the Thanksgiving feast!

This was my second year to run the Turkey Trot here in Houston, and I do believe this event is one of my favorites. It's a HUGE event - we're talking 15,000 people participating! The course is also through Uptown, which is just awesome. We run along streets that are usually jam-packed with traffic, so it's a cool feeling to be there on foot and in the middle of the road. Of course, 15,000 people just creates a different kind of traffic.

The Mister and I ran the 5k. One, because it's cheaper. Two, because it's shorter. And three, because there was a FEAST waiting! Can't have Turkey Trot time cutting into turkey time, can we?

I went into the run aiming to finish in under 35 minutes. I figured that was a realistic goal for the pace I'd been running while training, and I felt that it left enough wiggle room for stroller-dodging and human traffic jams. I'm happy to report that we crossed the finish line at 34:46! I am definitely proud of that time, and meeting a goal is such a good motivator.

The trot was festive, the crowd was lively, and the weather was beautiful. And best of all? Guilt free dessert!

Have you ever run a Turkey Trot?

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