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Friday, October 3, 2014

fall bucket list

Hello all!  Hello fall!  The weather here in Houston is teasing us.  We've had a couple of days where it's dropped into the 60s (grab your coats!), but it's mostly holding in the high 80s with summer humidity still strong and thick.

Basically that just means we order our pumpkin spice lattes on ice.

jessie pumpkin patch

I'm a summer girl at heart, but I do love all the fun treats and activities that come with fall.  Fall is certainly a festive season!  And the smells and flavors can't be beat, am I right?  So, without further ado, my fall bucket list!

> pumpkin patch - every year my church hosts a pumpkin patch to raise money for the youth group.  I love every bit about it - the unloading party, the pallets full of pumpkins, the tiny pumpkins, the giant pumpkins, the kids in costume, the family pictures.  So cute!  Last year I managed to snag a cute one of Jessie-dog, so we'll try our luck again this year.

> pumpkin spice latte - because yes.

> decorate pumpkins - carving, or bedazzling, or painting.  So many options!

> make baked-pumpkin-something - bread? cookies?  muffins?  waffles?  yes, please.

> pumpkin beer - the Mister is on a mission to try as many pumpkin beers as he can this season.  We're making notes so we know what to revisit next year.  Any favorites we can't miss?

> cook ALL THE FALL RECIPES - one check mark for this already!  The Mister made some delicious butternut squash soup this week.  I've been pinning recipes like crazy.  Like these, and this one, and maybe this?  These burritos are already one of our favorite recipes.  I have been underestimating sweet potatoes, y'all.  Forgive me.

> Make chili - yes, this is separate from fall food.  It's a bit of a tradition in my house that Mom makes chili when we get our first cold snap.  It's a fall tradition that fills the belly and the soul.

> Baylor football game - Homecoming at the end of this month!  Sic 'em!

> finish closet detox - I have been cleaning out my closet and working on my capsule wardrobe, as inspired by Caroline over at Un-Fancy.  I want to be intentional about what stays and what goes, and intentional work takes time.  This one is on the short list for post-busy-season activities.

> camping - what better way to take advantage of the beautiful weather we get this time of year?

> bike to Cypress - I'm planning on the Mister and I taking advantage of one of the cool weekends to bike out to our parents' places from our apartment in the city.  I really want to use my bike to get somewhere, you know?  It will certainly be an adventure.

What do you have planned for this season?  Anything I need to add to my list?

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