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Thursday, October 30, 2014

campfire comfort

There is poetry on the lake and a song in the trees.
How simple, how pure does nature appear -
All the while teeming
With life, with heart, with stories unheard.

The Mister and I spent a night in the woods this past weekend. We loaded up the cooler and our pupsqueak and unplugged from our hustle and bustle life.

We played in the woods, feasted over a campfire, and dreamed under the stars.

 photo IMG_3105_zps1638ab09.jpg  photo IMG_2945_zps9b21fe42.jpg  photo cac50d77-5098-4756-8096-5fa4c6540165_zps8fa3374c.jpg  photo IMG_2962_zps971a4bcc.jpg  photo IMG_2936_zpsef46b658.jpg  photo IMG_2973_zpsb7aad344.jpg  photo IMG_2969_zps2aaa0ed7.jpg  photo IMG_2977_zps8de1df7a.jpg  photo IMG_2952_zps74e9736b.jpg

Just what we needed.

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