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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am not Wonder Woman

Sunday night goes the same way for me almost every week: "This is the week!  I will clean the whole apartment!  I will do all the laundry!  I will cook a delicious and healthy dinner every night!  I will get up early to work out!  I will exceed expectations at work!  I will walk the dog!  I will end world hunger!  I will repair the ozone layer!  I will accomplish ALL THE THINGS!"

Well, it's Tuesday.
Last night we had mac n cheese for dinner.  From a box.

I want to be able to do it all, but the reality is that I can't.  And that is ok.  It has to be ok.  And it should be ok.  First of all, Sean is an unbelievably generous person and always willing to help.  I tend to be the one running around declaring war on the dust bunnies and dirty dishes, while Sean is the one who jumps in the trenches.  He cares for Jbug while I get ready in the morning, and again in the evening when I get home late.  When I haven't worked out or done the laundry or ended world hunger, he tells me I'm pretty and special and valuable.  He cooks when I don't have time, and calms me down when I'm stressing out.  Most impressively, he never complains.  That's love, y'all.  The way Jesus does.

Secondly, I have a terrible habit of attaching my value to my to-do list.  Which means that when I don't get everything done, I feel like I failed.  I get frustrated and irritable and down on myself.  And that is not ok.  Because I believe that I am intrinsically valuable.  I believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I believe that loving people is more important than finishing to-do lists.  I just need practice.

Sean lives like that every day.

He's basically Superman.

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