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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Old Testament Jerusalem

And we're off again.  There is so much to see in this beautiful city, and the first day we barely scratched the surface.  Day 2 was about seeing Jerusalem again, this time through the lens of the Old Testament.  It's amazing to walk some of the same paths as the first day here, and yet see totally different stories.  We don't see this kind of layering in America, since our nation is so young.  In Israel, the history runs deep, not just of the nation of Israel, but of the other nations that conquered, destroyed, and rebuilt.

Western Wall:

How cute is this little class?

City of David:

Part of King David's Palace.  So surreal to see places that before were just settings in Bible stories.  It really brings into perspective that these people were real people, too, not just characters.
Hezekiah's Tunnel - King Hezekiah built an undergourn tunnel from the walled city to the spring and water resevoir, which were outside the fortified city.  We waded through it.
chacos.  best decision ever.
Look at our short selves touching the ceiling

To top off the day, we checked out the lights festival all around the city.  After getting lost in strolling through the markets, we arrived at Damascus gate, which was being used as a projection screen.  We then followed the trail around the outside of the city back to our hotel and checked out the installations along the way.  Who doesn't love a good festival?

Stay tuned!

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