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Saturday, June 21, 2014

nature hike and a Bible story

Look, clouds!

After our 10,000 degree day, this was a welcome sight.  Perfect for a day hiking through the hill country.

happy, happy
Olive trees, fig trees, almond trees, pomegranate trees, grape vines, flowers, bushes, grass, lizards, springs, farming - best hike yet.  We spent all morning hiking, climbing, learning and playing.

After the most beautiful hike ever, we got to visit these amazing bell caves!  How incredible are these?

Smoothie vending machine.  Brilliant. 

The morning was so refreshing since we've spent the past several days in some intense heat, packing a million sites into a day.  Switching gears for a while was a much needed change of pace.  After lunch, we headed to the archaeological site of Shaaraim, a city dating to David's time where we could have a good view of where David and Goliath battled.

Tomorrow we get the day off.  I'm planning on sleeping in, shopping, and taking it easy.  Shabbat shalom!

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