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Sunday, February 23, 2014

February: HAWC Race Against Violence

Round two!

For February, I ran the Race Against Violence 5k supporting the Houston Area Women's Center.  HAWC assists survivors of domestic and sexual abuse get back on their feet.  The center hosts families until they can rebuild and restart.  My firm has chosen HAWC as one of the charities we are supporting this year, so there were several of us there to participate.  I love that something as simple as a 5k can do so much good in our community! 

So if you'll recall from my new year's resolution post, the whole idea of this resolution was to keep me exercising regularly.  Yeah, no.  Pretty sure I only ran about five times between the Choco Loco 5k and this one.  And I was huffing and puffing to show it.  Well, I guess I did succeed in creating some consequence for my lack of discipline!  Motiviation, I suppose.

Panting or no, I'm glad I turned out for this run.  The weather was incredible - just chilly enough to make you look forward to breaking a sweat.  It was so fun to have some other friends out on the course as well!

Rose (on the left) killed it.  She's training for the Bearathon in Waco, proudly advertised as the hardest half marathon in Texas.  

Sean did not kill it because he's sweet and ran with me instead.  And what I mean by "ran" is that he picked his feet up a little higher while walking so I could pretend we were running together.  He's basically the fastest human I've ever met, but I love that for some of these casual runs he hangs back with me.  I'll have to step up my game and make him actually jog next time.  It'll be intense.  Or not.

Stay tuned for March - I'm riding my first ever bike road race.  On a bike I've only used a couple of times.  That should be interesting...

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