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Sunday, January 26, 2014

January: Choco Loco 5k

One down, eleven to go!

For January, I ran the Choco Loco 5k.  Get this - you run your 3.1 miles around the lovely Uptown Park area in Houston, and finish it off with a chocolate buffet.  Hey there, motivation!

The course was lovely.  I work in the Galleria area and drive by Uptown Park all the time.  I didn't realize, though, that there is a secret neighborhood behind it.  Winding little streets, beautiful houses, and all those old trees.  Lovely, I tell you.

What we did not bet on for this race was the arctic conditions!  It was below 40o!  And y'all, for a Houston girl, that is COLD.  But do you know what goes perfectly with a chilly January morning?

Hot chocolate!

and chocolate covered strawberries!
and chocolate covered bananas!
and chocolate covered pretzels!
and chocolate chip cookies!
and maybe a brownie bite or two...

Yeah, I was pretty excited about that chocolate buffet.  Sean was a little less motivated by the chocolate and just wanted to get somewhere with a heater.  Once my fingers went numb, I had to agree.  Especially when all the chocolate fountain goodness froze together on my plate.

I had a great time with this first run of 2014.  For me, these themed runs give me something to look forward to, rather than just lacing up and taking to the road.  I know there's something special at the end, and a little adventure along the way.

Happy resolutions!

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