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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

hot mess - holiday edition

Merry Christmas!

The internets are brimming with beautiful Christmas baubles, handmade decorations and gifts, holiday treats that are clever and delicious...

That is not my apartment.

This is my apartment:
I'm sure the folks outside are very impressed with our festiveness.

Say hello to our living room tree. It's not a Christmas tree, because there is nothing to suggest that Christmas has arrived. Note the pumpkins. And the distinct lack of sparkle on our tree. Yes, this picture is current. Yes, Christmas is only 15 days away.

"Not so bad," you say? "There's plenty of time!" you declare? True, in most cases. However, say hello to the other side of our house.

It's Hot Mess Hotel over here.

Last night, we attended our first Christmas party of the season. Tacky sweaters and potluck snacks! Christmas Jeopardy! I have been planning since last year for this year's tacky sweater, and the idea is adorable and amazing. But, it's not what I wore. I wore my fallback tacky sweater, which has been my tacky sweater for four years running. Womp womp.

Sure, maybe the sweater didn't get done, but desserts and snacks could make up for that. I have plenty of quick and easy recipes for party snacks. No problem! But guess when I remembered that we needed to bring said delicious dessert/snack to this party? T-6 hours until party time. Break-and-bake for the win. Or the lose.

To top it off,
I have purchased zero Christmas presents,
done zero planning for Christmas cookie decorating (which I am hosting),
and am three days behind on my advent calendar. (It's a chocolate one. Not even a devotional or reading calendar or anything. I just haven't even kept up with eating chocolate.)

All this to say that I do not have it all together. And that's ok. The Mister and I are doing some decorating tonight, and I know I'll finish (and start, tee hee) my Christmas shopping before the big day. It will all work out.

I also know how frustrating it can be when all the Christmas on the internet is picture perfect. Don't get me wrong-I love seeing all of the beautiful and creative ideas this season. I want my party to be pinterest-pretty this year, too. But first, I wanted share my not-pinterest-pretty real life, in real time. That way, -if- when our Christmas Cookies party is a hit and every picture is precious, you and I will both know where I was ten days before. Hot Mess Hotel, full capacity.

So Merry Christmas, everyone. Know that if your tree is bare, your pinterest reindeer cupcakes look like angry cows, and you just don't have it all together this Christmas, I'm right there with you. Let's focus on filling this holiday season with laughter, friends, celebration, and cheer. Even if you have to wear last year's sweater.

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