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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December: 12k of Christmas

Merry Christmas! This December event marks the completion of my 2014 New Year's Resolution. How exciting is that? It seems like it couldn't possibly have been a year ago that I first made that resolution. I'll post a final wrap up soon, but first, let's talk about the 12k of Christmas!

I ran the 6k portion of this run last year, and it did not go well. The weather was so humid it felt like we were swimming, and I was out of shape to boot. Since I've been running, this year went so much better, and I was able to run the full 12k! I finished in 1:22:51.5, which was about an 11:15/mile pace. I'm pretty happy with that, since I was running fairly casually with my friend, Rose, and the Mister.

The race was very well organized. We started at Fish Plaza at the Wortham Theater Center, which is a great area in Downtown. Unfortunately though, the course was really boring. First of all, the 12k course was just two times around the 6k loop, which means we would already be running the exact same path twice. Even worse, that 6k loop? It wasn't a loop. It was a U-turn. Which means that we ran down Memorial Drive, then up Memorial... then down Memorial... then up Memorial again. Not very motivating. For the 6-9k, we actually played "I Spy," we were so bored.

Oh well. At least the course was pretty! Even if we had to look at it 4 times. :)

AND we got a finisher medal. And who doesn't love getting a medal?

Altogether, I really enjoy this event. For a new event, it is wonderfully organized and well put together. This year's course was different from last year's, so I have high hopes for the course interest to improve. The 12k of Christmas is a festive end to a year of active events, and a festive beginning to my holiday break. It definitely helped me stay motivated to run during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Between the Christmas parties, hosting Christmas Cookie Decorating, buying and wrapping gifts, and packing for vacation, it was good to know I had to be ready for the 12k. All about that motivation.

How do you stay motivated during the holiday season?

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